The Rapid Construction solution for Affordable and Sustainable Spaces

Rapid, sustainable, and affordable.
Lodestar Modular Building Units provide the ideal solution to allow rapid construction of low maintenance housing, office spaces, and other facilities.

Benifits of Lodestar

Precast Concrete Modular Building Units reduce construction time by up to 75%. The Modules can be connected vertically and horizontally to create an endless design options. The modules are manufactured with non-combustible material, reducing the risk of damage during construction and during ownership.
The buildings can be designed to reflect traditional structures or can take on unique and custom appearances. When enclosed using modular finishing materials the building process is greatly accelerated, providing maximum construction and energy efficiencies. You can select from traditional material, achieving the benefits provided by such materials.

Rapid, Safe, and Affordable

Lodestar building modules are designed to be assembled in a the shortest amount of time possible. A single module or multiple modules assembled horizontally and vertically, reduces construction by up to 50%. Reduce time, reduce demand on labour, reduced onsite construction, and reduce material waste. Lodestar building modules are the ideal solution to rapidly create safe and comfortable structures.

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What Our Customers Say About Us

This building system is going to change the way we build. We can plan installation in days rather than weeks. This is incredible.
- Google Review
I haven’t seen a building system like this anywhere. It makes the building process so much more efficient and easier for our project managers to coordinate. I am planning to use these modules for residential homes and low-rise complexes.
- Google Review

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