A better way to build

Modular Building Units combine the resilience of Precast Concrete with the efficiency of Modular Building Technology, allowing builders to construct a safe, affordable, and comfortable building in a fraction of the traditional construction time.

A better way to build

Modular Building Units combine the resilience of Precast Concrete with the efficiency of Modular Building Technology, allowing builders to construct a safe, affordable, and comfortable building in a fraction of the traditional construction time.

Lodestar Modular Building Units

Lodestar Modular Building Units can be enclosed to provide a more traditional or custom appearance, or can have elements remain exposed for a modern or specialized look. Architects leverage the structural integrity of the Modules to expand their design options, introducing unique and appealing designs incorporating modern, traditional, and hybrid design elements.

How to build with LODESTAR

LODESTAR Modules are designed to be connected Horizontally and Vertically, in a modular nature, allowing for an unlimited number of layout options. The first-floor units are secured to footings, while upper level units are connected to each other leveraging the features of the supporting unit(s).
The modules reduce construction framing time buy as much as 75%, and overall construction time by up to 50%. The modules are manufactured year-round in a climate-controlled facility, allowing them to be delivered to the site on the day of assembly and immediately positioned into place. This systematic process allows the builder to allocate more time to enclosing the structures and advancing their teams to focus on completing the interior of the building. Enclosing the building in a shorter period allows builders to complete projects that would otherwise be scheduled around seasonal weather and severe weather events.

Benefits of Building with Lodestar

Architectural comparison of a 1,000 sq foot main floor structure built using Traditional building materials, and one built on a LODESTAR infrastructure.
Traditional LODESTAR
Interior Main level 1,000 sq ft 1,000 sq ft
Interior Second Level 846 sq ft 954 sq ft
Total usable interior space 1,846 sq ft 1,954 sq ft
108 sq ft additional space
Traditional Lodestar

Lift the comparison arrows to view the Lodestar design vs. a traditional design.

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Key Advantages

Build better, build affordable, and build faster, build without compromise.

Applicable To

LODESTAR structures would be applicable to the listed types of industries.


Education & Learning

Retail Facilities

Commercial & Office Space


What Our Customers Say About Us

This building system is going to change the way we build. We can plan installation in days rather than weeks. This is incredible.
- Google Review
I haven’t seen a building system like this anywhere. It makes the building process so much more efficient and easier for our project managers to coordinate. I am planning to use these modules for residential homes and low-rise complexes.
- Google Review
Using this system we will be able to complete more projects in less time. I can reallocate my staff across more projects because I wouldn’t need as many on each site, I can complete more buildings in the same amount of time, and I can take on more projects in the less-than-ideal building season because my team wouldn’t be required to do traditional framing, which is something we avoid in the colder weather. Not framing in the winter months has always forced me to refuse building projects, but now I can confidently schedule jobs all year long.
- Google Review
Congratulations LodestarStructures, 
by Anchor Concrete!

Anchor Concrete:

New methods could mean more homes, faster !

Construction is hard work these days. Where do you find skilled workers? How do you keep up with material costs, transportation costs and quality assurance? 3D printing is exciting, but the scale isn’t there yet to replace traditional building.

Anchor Concrete has an intriguing solution: modular building units it calls Lodestar Structures. Unveiled in summer 2022, the patent-pending idea is a precast concrete floor with four concrete pillars. The Lodestar unit forms the basis of a structure, instead of traditional wood framing. Anytime more floor space is needed, just add another unit beside an existing one or stack one on top to go multi-storey. 

Anchor claims using Lodestar in place of wood can trim as many as 20 days off the construction time of a traditional wood-framed detached house. There’s also no on-site assembly, minimizing the staff required, and no material waste. And they’re not just useful for housing. Lodestar structures have already been deployed in commercial construction, storage, recreational buildings, short-term construction projects, remote outpost buildings, shelters from severe weather, and more. The company says it has already seen demand from 24 countries and it’s working the trade show circuit this year to promote the product.

We Welcome You To Visit Our Team And View Lodestar Structures Live Demonstration At These Industry Events:


The World of Concrete (Canada) November 30 to December 02, 2022. Toronto ON. Booth #1737

The World of Concrete January 17 to 19, 2023. Las Vegas NV. Booth # N355

The International Builders’ Show January 31 to February 02, 2023. Las Vegas NV. Booth # SU1254

The Precast Show February 23 to 25, 2023. Columbus Ohio. Booth # 315